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The Spider’s Web of the Soul

Spider’s web of the soul
The complexity and entanglement of who we are in relation to our environment.
The community in which, and with whom we live in miniature, and the outside world to which we relate.
Where are we located? At the centre of the web or in the outer ring? And are we, or do we feel us the catch or the attacker?

The identity I have assumed often makes things difficult and complicated for me. As if I feel entangled in the spider web I have spent my life spinning myself. It is not the outside world that does all sorts of things to me, but my own inner world. Every time I look through that again, I can choose a different place in the web. Do I want to be at the heart of the web? Alert and ready for battle and hunting for the catch, or do I want to be eaten alive? Or do I move to the edge of my web to consciously watch what I let happen. Can I get out of here Überhaupt? Is there an escape from my own carefully chosen and constructed web?

Not seeing myself in the centre of every situation would save a lot.



As a substrate for the 3D works, Carry uses Plexiglas sheets or steel-welded frames with painter’s canvas over them. She then builds up the work on this in various layers, with transparent tulle, metal mesh or organza silk. This can be a figurative or abstract image, such as faces expressing a feeling, or graphic shapes.

Materials; acrylic paint and spray, brushes, scalpel, scissors and sewing machine or embroidery by hand, where she uses a thick thread.

“Elevating everyday material into poetic and meaningful work,” she calls it herself.

T e c h n i q u e :  Fiber Art / Mixed Media
S i z e :  70 x 140 x 20 cm

For more info and price, please contact me

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