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Magical Life

Step into the fascinating world of colors in everyday life. Each moment is enlivened by vibrant hues that create a unique harmony. Immerse yourself in the rich palette of colors that envelops the essence of our existence.

Colors are much more than mere visual stimuli. They have the power to unleash emotions, convey meanings, and leave deep impressions. Think of the passionate red that symbolizes fire and desire, the calming blue that radiates serenity and peace, the rejuvenating green that represents growth and harmony, and the joyful yellow that invokes energy and optimism.

In this beautiful symphony of colors, we find inspiration, wonder, and a deeper connection to our surroundings. Colors add life and depth to our experiences, reminding us that beauty often lies in the little things. They can move us, challenge us, and invite us to see the world through fresh eyes.

Let yourself be carried away by the enchanting play of colors. Let them guide you on your journey through life and discover how colors add a magnificent dimension to our existence. Let your senses be tantalized by the magic of colors and experience the richness they bring.

Enjoy the wondrous journey that colors can offer and let them illuminate your heart with their vibrancy and expression. Embrace the enchantment of life in colors and embrace the joy, inspiration, and harmony they carry within.

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As a substrate for the 3D works, Carry Doorn uses Plexiglas sheets or steel-welded frames with painter’s canvas over them. She then builds up the work on this in various layers, with transparent tulle, metal mesh or organza silk. This can be a figurative or abstract image, such as faces expressing a feeling, or graphic shapes.

Materials; acrylic paint and spray, brushes, scalpel, scissors and sewing machine or embroidery by hand, where she uses a thick thread.

“Elevating everyday material into poetic and meaningful work,” she calls it herself.

T e c h n i q u e :  Fiber Art / Mixed Media
S i z e :  20 x 20 x 20 cm

For more info and price, please contact the artist

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