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Layers of Man

Looking through a mirror. 
Who am I in relation to the other, the world, myself. 
This is what interests and intrigues me. I turn this research into visual work that aims to convey awareness of who I am/we are and how we are. 
My desire is to make work that touches, intrigues, makes you think, stimulates your imagination, makes you aware of the infinity and at the same time the relativity of how we experience everything. We have a huge number of choices at our disposal. How do we fly it? How does someone else do it? Is everything fixed because we usually think that’s how it is and that’s how we are, or are other ways possible? 

We live in borrowed time. The least you can allow yourself is to enjoy it as much as possible.

In this work by Carry, the successively applied and processed transparent layers, with the addition of daylight or artificial light, create a beautiful 3-dimensional shadow effect on the wall. This gives the work even more depth than it already has on its own.

Square shapes and threads stacked on top of each other and also connected to each other. Moving in and out of shape. Looking for the right place. Where do they belong? Where do they want to go? 



As a substrate for the 3D works, Carry uses Plexiglas sheets or steel-welded frames with painter’s canvas over them. She then builds up the work on this in various layers, with transparent tulle, metal mesh or organza silk. This can be a figurative or abstract image, such as faces expressing a feeling, or graphic shapes.

Materials; acrylic paint and spray, brushes, scalpel, scissors and sewing machine or embroidery by hand, where she uses a thick thread.

“Elevating everyday material into poetic and meaningful work,” she calls it herself.

T e c h n i q u e :  Fiber Art / Mixed Media
S i z e :  70 x 110 x 20 cm
For more info and price, please contact me


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