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Brave Heart

This work is SOLD
It is possible that I can make work in this spirit.
Please contact me about the possibilities.

Bold Brave Hearted Women, we are

One of women’s greatest strengths is sharing experiences, feelings and insights with each other. 
It used to be normal for women to meet daily to support, inspire and share wisdom. Nowadays, the added value of this is sometimes forgotten. We think we are on our own and have to solve a lot on our own.

My own experiences and insights have made me realise how much we women need, can support and inspire each other. How special female energy is, and how much support it gives. By mirroring yourself with women, you can experience your womanhood and feel bravery and strength. 

You know, we are
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As a substrate for the 3D works, Carry uses Plexiglas sheets or steel-welded frames with painter’s canvas over them. She then builds up the work on this in various layers, with transparent tulle, metal mesh or organza silk. This can be a figurative or abstract image, such as faces expressing a feeling, or graphic shapes.

Materials; acrylic paint and spray, brushes, scalpel, scissors and sewing machine or embroidery by hand, where she uses a thick thread.

“Elevating everyday material into poetic and meaningful work,” she calls it herself.

T e c h n i q u e :  Fiber Art / Mixed Media
S i z e :  70 x 140 x 20 cm
For more info and price, please contact me.


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