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Paper types

You have the choice of Hahnemuhle and Crystal Velvet paper in the best quality in terms of paper type and the very high quality pigment print.
In addition, you can choose to have the work sent to your home with or without a border of 3 cm. See some examples below and in the Catalgue under Art & Print.

Border or no border

Etnic Flow # 11 + # - On the wall
Fragile Blues #01 - On the wall #01 #02 #03 #04 - In the wall

Fine Art Hahnemühle paper William Turner

With its matte watercolor texture, the texture of Hahnemühle’s naturally white Bütten paper visually and haptically matches a handmade artist’s paper. Wonderful for extraordinary Art pictures full of effect. Quality with a big Q.

  • Meets the highest standards of gallery quality
  • Razor-sharp and true-to-life Artwork
  • Very high water resistance, with matte flair
  • Weight William Turner paper 310 g/m²
  • High quality Pigment print best quality
  • Finish with white border all around (3 cm)
  • Without or with frame finish possible (by agreement)
Hahnemühle Paper Is Optically And Haptically Similar With A Handmade Artist Paper
The Texture Of The Natural White Bütten Paper From Hahnemühle
Print On William Turner Paper Is Indistinguishable From Real
Fine Art Paper Print With Effect As Original

Crystal velvet paper

The Crystal Velvet photo paper makes the effects and motifs with soft if strong and deep colors come across beautifully. The whole gives a velvety, matte-soft effect to the image. Quality with a big Q.

  • Meets the highest standards of gallery quality
  • Razor-sharp and true-to-life Artwork
  • High-quality photo paper from Fujicolor
  • Weight Crystal Velvet photo paper 220 g/m²
  • Velvet-soft effect
  • Extremely large color gamut


Hoogwaardig Fotopapier Van Fujicolor
Gewicht Crystal Velvet Fotopapier 220 G/m²
Fuji Crystal Velvet PhotoPrint
Moulage Rouge #01 No Border

Maximum size

According to your wishes, the work can be executed in the size appropriate to the place.
Each size of the work gives a different perception of the atmosphere. In small format, for example, presented as a series,
and larger as a unique or diptych. In consultation we come to the best option to give the work the best place.

Various sizes possible, up to 134 cm. 

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