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Spiegeltje spiegeltje aan de wand …
Reflecties en verhalen van je geest
Wat vertellen ze het je?

Art on Film

On film I capture the process of the movements that material, texture and additions with other media such as fibers, strips of fabric, fluffy wool, paint, together with the natural elements such as shadow, light, water, fire, and wind as well as my actions create.
With great pleasure and love I then edit the images I have created on the computer. I apply effect, reflection, mirroring, and symmetry, exposing the stories that each person will experience and live through the work in his or her own way.
This art form, creating live, after digital editing, results in film images that I offer as Art on Film NFT file.

Record + Play = Look + Feel + Experience

Turn on your senses

You can experience my digital and cinematic art as moving visual stories that touch and trigger something in you from moment to moment. Not captured in words by the writer or artist but by your perception of it. Your senses, seeing, hearing and feeling automatically point the way to the meaning and value you give it. Which will be different for everyone.

It's all in the eye of the beholder

The process

A moment of creation. Experimenting with silk organza in interplay with wind, light and shadow on a beautiful sunny day. The bright pink and transparency of the material against the sky blue is almost complementary to each other. The wind plays along and makes the silk undulate. The fluidity of the fabric makes it seem to become one with each other. Synergy arises in the intriguing and fascinating images. For me, this interplay is wonderful to see and be a part of. This is art with happiness for me.

Connect & info

For more information, interest or any other question please let me know.

Carry Doorn

06 288 492 50 |

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