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My work and your intuition 

See, hear, feel, taste, smell
Open your senses and allow that which you experience to happen
What story does the work tell you?


Visual Storyteller

Creating during the process in expression into visual work as a visual storyteller.
Stories intertwined with each other and also in movement. In the process I use diverse and varying textures and fabrics in lightness and density. These I still hold dear from my ‘fashion days’. I include my skill and handwriting in my artistry.
My textile works can be called aesthetic. The story and the motives behind them are just as important.

´Stages of Life´ series 

With this work I visualize the layering of who we are, as people, community, country, culture, society. Representing the aspects, and phases of life. The movement we make in the world.
Within our Circle of influence are many possibilities. Touching each other in that stratification, transparent and changeable. Moving from the frame, falling outside it, dancing, over and over again. The limited frame is unlimited, endlessly spacious.

About Oneness

The face of humanity. Layered. Through life he or she develops. Undergoes metamorphosis into opposites that belong together at the same time and are in harmony and unity. Opposite and equal to each other. Love and fear. Covered and transparent. Warm and cold. Dark and bright. Neither good nor bad. Neither small nor large. Neither one nor two.

Material: Graphite dyed canvas. Layers of Tulle, incised, shaped and colored. Hanging on pegs and rods.
Size : 230 cm x 140 cm

About Evolution

Merging, arising, developing, moving. On the way to live life. The exodus from the secured mother’s womb, to the entry into the world. The ovum and sperm move, fuse, become one. Man, woman, child connected in love, harmony and playfulness, growth. Togetherness. Equality. 

Material : Layers of Tulle, incised, shaped and colored. Hanging on pegs and rods.
Size : 240 cm x 78 cm

About Stairway to Heaven

The song, Stairway to Heaven, inspired me to create this work. The route through life. Rhythmic. Shadow and light. Higher and higher I move. The layering in the depth or path I take through life. Moving inside and outside the frame. From the form from which I spring and which takes me.

Material : Layers of Tulle, incised, shaped and colored. Hanging from pegs and rods.
Size : 240 cm x 78 cm

The art of the unexpected

Sculptural cuts and experimenting with textures into unexpected shapes, that’s what makes me happy. It starts with an idea, which I let go of again when I start creating.
In that moment the unexpected discoveries arise and things start to flow. The idea gives the first step and sets me in motion, only to let go and let “it” happen. The material determines the direction, the movement, becomes the story. Running differently than I expect is the process in developing into the synergy in the work.

Connect & info

For more information, please contact me.

Carry Doorn

06 288 492 50 |

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