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Carry D Art & Synergy

Touching, blowing, rippling, undulating, folding
Flowing, coloring, connecting, unfolding
the material tells me a story
I just listen to it

It’s all in the Eye of the Beholder

Organically and almost naturally, my artworks emerge. There is a layering of the three dimensional from the different materials and media I use. Like a Recycle explorer in sync, I am during the creation, research, editing, and process. Along with the whimsy and richness of the ever-changing (residual) materials that present themselves, everything flows together with the play of movement, light, shadow, and possibly wind. Using textures, strips and residual fabrics, threads. Layer after layer. The thickness, the fall, the fraying, the patterns. The light and shadow doing its work. Everything gives an effect and stirs something inside.

The work arises from the synchronicity of nature’s elements, the texture of the material and chance. The richness of raw materials regain their value. This synthesis in combination with my expression forms the final art expression.


Work that intrigues 

Intriguing effects, movements and depths arise in the work through the making process and, as a matter of course, the stories come. Hypnotic. Your attention is held, you keep looking at it. The work captures your imagination.


Carry D Art  –  Fascinating & intriguing

‘When you fix your eye on a work of art by Carry, you discover something different in the images every time. Her work has many layers. Literally and figuratively. It is like a kaleidoscope, a mirror a reflection in which you can meet yourself. Her art is made to intrigue, amaze and touch the mind of every art lover.

Carry D ArtWorks are all special pieces that add an artistic and intriguing touch to the space where it hangs. Because Carry artfully manages to merge multiple worlds into an Art Work, it appeals to a wide audience. Whether an art lover prefers modern or classical, this artist’s artistic results speak a timeless language. The stories that subconsciously speak to you from each work adds extra value to your experience. Not only do they offer a literal depth, but they also speak an underlying subconscious message to you as an art lover. Of course, the colour palette cannot escape the eye. The three-dimensionality of the fabrics in motion combined with the layering of colours and flowing into each other make the work alive and speak to the imagination. At the same time, they demand attention. They fascinate and are intriguing.
These artworks are not background noise, they are eye catchers, happy to be the centre of attention and inviting conversation.’

Connect & info

For more information, interest or any other question, do not hesitate to contact me.

Carry D(oorn)

06 288 492 50 |


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