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C a r r y   L o v e

Fabrics call for so much more than just living under high stress
on a wooden frame on the wall
The material wants to be different, to escape
to go its own way
be unique

Designer & Artist

As a former designer (graphic and fashion) I am used to thinking in 3D. The many designs, collections and shapes I designed were often meant to envelope, wear, show your identity, or use, in short to express yourself with. For me it was also important that the designs and uniques I made were for all types of people. To be themselves in it and feel comfortable in it. That is why it is a natural for me to create from the three-dimensional plane. It can be seen and experienced for me in the many Art works I create now. As an artist, I like to bring that into focus for you. My wish is that you feel touched by it.

Intuition & connection

Intuitive artist, that’s how I prefer to call myself. I focus on movement, connection, synchronicity, transformation and synergy. I make this creative process visual for the viewer through the creation of mostly three-dimensional spatial and sculptural work. In addition, I digitally edit photographs I take while creating my work, which result in Fine Art prints. My goal with my art form is for the viewer to make a connection with the work.


Several years ago, I made a full and complete shift from designer to artist. Anyway, being an artist presented itself repeatedly during my designer career and was actually intertwined. The craft and the attention I want to give to my flow in the exploration of the material in its uniqueness and its process is thus given the space and attention it deserves, and me as a result. It gives me satisfaction, self-development and inspiration. Time for mental and emotional nourishment!

About Carry | Carry & Rover at the beach
Shadows 1
About Carry | Carry & Rover at home
Studio CarryDArt
Flyer Fiber Art

Food for thought & talk

It starts with an idea. When I get going with it, that preconceived plan holds me. As soon as I let go of the initial idea, and “may” create without an expected outcome, it happens. In the creative process, images and forms arise that surprise me and give me an experience.
That is also the impact I want to make on you with the work.  For me, it is about your experience and interpretation. The value you give to it is up to you, and perhaps gives food for another view.

“The first smile should be to the face you see in the mirror. After that, the rest is easy.”

Connect & info

For more information, interest or any other question, please let me know.

Carry Doorn

06 288 492 50 |

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