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Touch & Connect

Being touched by my work
As an artist I like to bring
that to life for you



Tulle Art

My works can be called aesthetic, but the story or the motivations behind them are just as important. Works that you get lost in, that intrigue, touch and capture the imagination.
The intuitive, narrative and layered method, on which I am currently working, usually begins with building three-dimensional installations composed with rejected rolls of Tulle and Voile. I process these transparent textures and give them appropriate shapes and color tones. This forms the source for the still lifes. Elevating everyday material into a poetic and meaningful work, which everyone can fill in from their own experience.
My works are characterized by a need and search for sensory information and free association.


Original Art

My work and your intuition …

Art & Print

Record + Play = Look + Feel

Art on Film

Reflections of your mind …

Beyond limits

The box or frame within which we live is movable. Much is possible, as Jules Deelder wrote: “Within limits, the possibilities are as unlimited as outside them.”
Many phases we go through as human beings. Phases that are interconnected and intertwined. As a layered human through life, we build our lives. Experiencing from our framework and comfort zone, with many choices. With my works and installations, I visualize this layering.


Out your mind into your heart

My work can be viewed from all angles and offer new perspectives every time. Look at it from a distance or up close. Each time it will give you a different perspective, depth and angle, making you see different things in it and experience it differently. Art that moves with you and brings out the story in you. Let your heart speak instead of your head.

,,It is the hand that does it. It is the hand that moves and seeks a way.
It is the head that steers, and yet the heart dominates.”

Connect & info

For more information, interest or any other question, please contact me.

Carry Doorn

Carry D Art | 06 288 492 50 |

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